15 September 2006

Find-in-Files for ascx.cs in Visual Studio

Just a quick warning to say that Visual Studio 2005 (and probably 2003) Find-in-Files will not by default find text in *.aspx.cs files if you use the standard file types spec: *cs;*.vb;*.resx;*.xsd;*.wsdl;*.htm;*.html;*.aspx;*.ascx;
even though *cs is in the spec.

I reported this here in Microsoft Connect Feedback but Microsoft insist that it is by design. Weird!

Anyway, make sure that you add *.aspx.cs and other variants (eg *.asmx.cs) to your file spec, separated by semi-colons. I also add *.js;*.master

Actually, I've just noticed that the standard file spec has *cs. If you change this to *.cs with a period then it also works.

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