03 April 2009

Content-Location HTTP header for current URL

All our web sites on shared host provider Crystaltech/Newtek have just started serving an extra HTTP header Content-Location for all static web page requests - the header contains the current URL.

To see this in action, use Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer to view this page at our web site: http://www.phdcc.com/phd.html.

If you look in the received output, you will see that the Content-Location header is set to the requested URL:

Normally, the Content-Location header is used to indicate when the content actually corresponds to another URL. So if you look at http://www.phdcc.com/ you will see this output:
ie the web site home page is actually called default.htm.

While this is a harmless change for most users, it did in fact fool our FindinSite-MS search engine - I am in the process of releasing a new version to cope with this. Our ISP Crystaltech claims that nothing has changed. Has anyone any further information?


Richard Collette said...

Curious how you resolved this. We have an issue with a particular application folder within a site returning content-location headers for static resources. The extensions are not mapped to any alternate handler and no filters are in place.

Chris Cant said...

We didn't resolve it as such - the header is still being generated. It was fooling our site search engine software, so I added some code to fix that problem. So I still don't know why the header is being generated.
Ta Chris