21 August 2006

Internet Explorer 7: Locally run Java applet getAppletContext().showDocument(url) doesn't work - drive repeated

This issue has been fixed in Internet Explorer 7 RC1. Great!
[I can only assume that Microsoft did not acknowledge the problem in my bug report because they were testing with the fixed version rather than the beta 3 version.]

Just before last week's break, I posted feedback about Internet Explorer 7 beta 3.

A customer of our FindinSite-CD software had reported that a user of theirs had tried our software in IE7. It ran into a problem when run locally, ie from CD.

The problem is that a Local Machine Java applet call to getAppletContext().showDocument(url) does not work for a relative URL because the drive portion of the file URL is repeated. Instead, an error such as this is shown in a message box: Cannot find file 'file:///C:/C:/PHD/IE7test/iamshown.htm'

Here's my feedback report to Microsoft - you will need to register to see it. It seems as though Microsoft were unable to reproduce the problem and so closed the issue. If you can repeat it, please Validate and Vote for it once you have confirmed that my posted example fails as described.

Assuming that this is a real problem, then it will make our software not work in IE7 which is a crucial browser for us.

PS Just saw an article in Ethical Consumer which could be summarised as "New organic range of underwear approved by Soil Association".

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