23 August 2006

My gadget's now also a widget

I've improved my Space Browse Google gadget since the previous post so that it fills the screen area better and has optional parameters to choose random or recent tours and tours just by a specified username.  Having provided a pithy author_aboutme and author_quote etc, I will submit it for listing in the Google content directory.  My gadget also seems to work OK on the Google Desktop Sidebar.

I had previously signed up to Widgetbox.  Last night I was able to add my gadget as a widget very easily - it worked first time, hurray!  Here it is: Widgetbox Space Browse widget.  Today I updated it to have parameters.  Where the gadget parameter was ShowMode, I specified a widget parameter called up_ShowMode, etc.

Widgetbox lets you add a widget directly onto any web page, eg onto a blogger template as can be seen below - optionally, in an widgetbox panel.  In Firefox, the widget overlaps the dotted vertical divider, which doesn't happen in Internet Explorer 6.  To add a widget to a blogger blog post you have to add a widgetbox panel (empty if you want) in the template and then use a specified DIV within the post itself:

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